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Congratulations to the judges for giving 2nd award to the app that encourages using phone behind the wheel. Really well thought project gentlemen. It has a great market potential If only law will change to make it legal to operate your use your phone while driving.
btw. you've got voice-recognition algorithms out there and they can do the job are forgot. You say "Call my mum" and do not need to tap or draw anything on your phone. It's the only safe way. If you're starting to hand-draw names on your phone while driving it's a big distraction ( inevitably you will look at the phone ) and for some time you're going to have just one hand on your steering-wheel .
I would say that it would be more safe (still not great idea) to have a contact list with few names you often use and just tap on it.

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    Might want to check out what the car industry is adapting before making such comments:
    Having said that, the author of this application expressly warns you to respect local law:

    You are not advised to make phone calls while operating a motor vehicle. Always adhere to your local laws and regulations regarding making phone calls while driving.

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